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b.加2019希望之聲周年音樂會. 浸會大學會堂照片.JPG

Hope Through Music Annual Concert Ceremony: Honorary Chairman Dr. Darwin Chen (left 7), Mr James Leung (left 2), Mr. Lawrence Shum (left 3), Eric Yip (left 6), Jack Chow (left 11), Lee Chau Lan (right 1)


Honorary Sponsors

  • Hong Kong Chinese Creative Arts Foundation

  • Mr Tong Cheng

  • Mr Ko Chen Wai

  • Mr Erik Cheng

  • Hydoo International Holding Limited

  • YCWH Trust

  • NewOcean Energy Limited 


Voluntary Accountant

  • PKF Hong Kong

Voluntary Legal Advisor

  • King W. Hui (Of Counsel)

Voluntary Secretary

  • Hong Kong Managers & Secretaries Limited



Hope Through Music board members with guests from the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy. Lam Kai Fai (left 1), Eric Yip (left 5), Jack Chow (left 6), Lee Chau Lan (left 7).


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