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Music • Character • Care • Harmony


To improve the life of underprivileged children and enhance social harmony through music education.



To provide free music education to underprivileged children with the aim of cultivating their hobby, character, future, and in return improving social harmony in the long run.   


To promote “Music • Character • Care • Harmony” through music education.


Our charity provides free musical education (choir and orchestra) to underprivileged children from low-income families. Through group training, we aim to raise their interest in music and help them establish their good character. Similarly, through stage performances, we also aim to improve their self-esteem and enable them, being spiritually enriched, to strive for a better future.


Having benefited from our supporters, we equally emphasise on contributing back to society. Our students take a very active part in community-based events, such as free community concerts, in order to spread our care to other people in need; for example, the vulnerable groups, the elderly, single parents, people with disability, etc.. With such positive feedback loop, we aim to ultimately enhance cross-sector social harmony.

Target participants:

  • Children from low-income families (including Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, School Textbook Assistance (full/half grant), Low-income Working Family Allowance Scheme)



  • 2013: Preparation of establishing the Hong Kong Hope Through Music Children’s Charity Limited

  • 30 Jul 2014: Hong Kong Hope Through Music Children’s Charity Limited officially registered and established.

  • 13 Oct 2014: Became a charity of a public character, which is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.


In order to promote “Music • Character • Care • Harmony” through musical education, the Hong Kong Hope Through Music Children’s Charity Limited founded the Hong Kong Hope Through Music Children’s Choir and Children’s Orchestra. With our development, we have been very honoured to officially partner with the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Orchestra, who provide professional tutors to inspire our young musicians and give valuable advice to our staff.


The UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Hong Kong, Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing), London College of Music, and Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Orchestra are named our official supporters.

Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Hong Kong

Not only do the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Hong Kong support our motto, but also do they regularly send out professional tutors who provide quality choir lesson to our members. Our members also have the privilege to attend their yearly Summer Music Academy, wherein they are given the opportunity to perform on stage as well as in other community settings under the batons of their conductor and tutors.

Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing)

The Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing) is the leading music conservatory in China that provides tertiary education to emerging professional musicians. As our supporter, they have specially designed programs for our members and provided professional tutors to train our members in various contexts, including masterclasses held in Hong Kong. Our charity is the first charity in history to be supported by the Central Conservatory of Music.

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