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放照片 關愛1基金會舉辦愛心捐贈《指尖上的中國》勵志少兒讀物啓動禮,不單是為清貧


To improve the lives of the underprivileged children, we have successfully invited some altruistic organisations to donate items to them. In our "China at Fingertips" program, there were 10,000 motivational books donated, from which our children shall definitely learn something important to our own ethnic cultural, wisdom, and qualities.


Apart from others' kindness, our members also reach out to care for those who are similarly in need, such as the minorities, the elderly, single parents, the disabled, etc.. In a long run, we hope to cultivate a caring quality in our young members.  


Beside improving the lives of the underprivileged children, we also extend our hand to the disabled. For example, we sent tutors to Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre to provide free music education to the disabled children, sharing exactly the same aim we have for our very own members. Eventually, these disabled children shall be sharing the stage with our members. ​


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